What you need to know about this year’s spring decoration trends

It is well known that what goes around comes around, and when it comes to decorative trends, there is no exception.

Spring decorative trends revolve around the idea of blooming; warm and cozy tones come back to our spaces to uplift our spirits. We must welcome the reminder that this season brings with itself: human nature is also cyclical and that implies coming back to the most essential materials –decoratively speaking–: wood.

Have you ever wondered, what is it about wood that makes us feel warmer and energetic? It is no coincidence that any piece of wooden furniture often reminds us of the healing power of nature. Defrosting the winter’s cold tones invites us to come back to warm and glowing senses. Wood has the property of restoring the air in the room, as well as regulating the whole room’s acoustic and soundscape. So, this basically means that you have the power to harmonize your space by adding a missing furniture piece; this is the sign you were waiting for, go get that rustic headboard, nightstand, desk or coffee table!

Adding a headboard to your resting space can brighten your whole bed set, spiriting the room into a breezy

— as well as cozy–


Headboards protect the direction in which our heads rest and dream. Offering a headboard to this space, honors and symbolizes what our minds daily do for ourselves: gift us with consciousness to inhabit our living space. Visually, it adds dimension to our sacred resting space. A wooden headboard is ideal for spring; it frames our headspace with a sense of tranquility and evokes a notion of a pacific mindset. Wood also allows us to add a touch of color if wanted, and in that case, Barn Walls’s is a spring ally for your decision.

Achieve your spring-inspired aesthetic by buying online at Barn Walls.

This means wandering into many varieties of material, texture, tones, size and concept

in a stress-free way.

Acquiring statement pieces of decor is either an exciting or exhausting task, some may love wandering into in-home decor stores and getting lost between modern, antique and eclectic pieces. Others may find that experience overruled by never feeling entirely convinced, and for the last case, we have the best advice to ease the assignment. The Barn Walls online catalog not only offers material or color, but lets you play with the nuances in between. Our website is an opportunity to achieve a playful design filled with textures, shades, spots, hue, tones and endless variations for your ideal dream-like habitat. Customizing your furniture may be the vital step for you to finally decide over a piece!

Customizing your new and existing furniture may be the key to finally exploit the hidden potential in your living space.

Getting vintage furniture is a perfect option for you to incorporate an organic sense of perception for your space. Elements such as wooden nightstands, antique desks and vintage coffee tables could be that ingredient that your home is waiting for to become well-rounded. Don’t be afraid to add a classical book collection to that shelf or table, hanging hypnotizing deco prints on the wall, and compliment a corner with a charming retro chair. Spring is the major representation of mixture, contrast and motion, lets honor this season by embracing our spaces with decor that evoke an identity of plenitude and abundance; it is all about acknowledging the past but still blooming into the future.

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