Who we are

Since 2014 we have been offering multiple houses, hotels and other living spaces a solution to their furniture and decoration needs. It all started when my wife Jazel and I decided to create our signature headboard in our garage in Gilbert, AZ. Since then, we handcraft headboards and furniture pieces giving wood a rustic, antique or weathered look to enhance living spaces with a boho chic farmhouse vibe.

Our wide selection of colors and designs give our customers infinite and customizable options to choose from. Moreover, our signature headboards are easy to transport, install, and can easily be rearranged or resized if needed.

We thrive to give back to the environment, that's why our lumber suppliers are committed to give back by investing in forest growth, health and productivity research. At Barn Walls, all the wood we work with comes from sustainable forests.

Mission Statement

In addition to creating unique handcrafted furniture, we aim to offer the best customer service experience anyone can have. (Don’t believe us? Call us / text us at 602-330-1871. No prompts to dial, no transfers, no holding time, just me ready to assist you in the best consumer experience).


Barn Walls is an active participant in helping others build stronger communities. We believe that everyone has the potential to build a successful business. However, some low income entrepreneurs with great ideas don’t have access to business loans. Through Kiva Microfunds we can reach this energetic group of people and make a monthly contribution to support them. Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. We have been a proud Kiva supporter for years.