Who we are

Barn Walls, a family-run business, was born from the hobby and passion of Jazel, who found joy in giving old furniture a chic, new lease of life. The business took shape as Barn Walls, with Miguel lending his strength to the operations. The transition from refurbishing furniture to crafting wooden panels for signs and other crafts was a natural one, driven by the challenge of sourcing consistent furniture pieces. The response to these panels was highly positive, but it was the innovative step of adding hooks to create easy-to-install headboards that truly propelled the business forward.

Responding to customer demand, we expanded our product line to include custom-sized and colored headboards. These headboards, designed to hang in panels, allowed for straightforward installation and cost-effective shipping. Our journey led us to offering our products in the online marketplace.

Today, both Miguel and Jazel are fully committed to ensuring the success of Barn Walls. We're incredibly grateful for our customers, whose unwavering support has been instrumental in the growth and success of our business.

Mission Statement

Empower individuals to express their unique styles and transform their living spaces into dream sanctuaries