Rustic Design Tips
for Your Airbnb Room

With the explosion of technology now at our fingertips, millions of everyday people are taking advantage of what’s known as the “gig economy.” This on-demand, peer-to-peer version of business is growing increasingly popular, with people ridesharing, food delivering, and renting out their bedrooms as a form of reliable income. Airbnb, for example, is a perfect and lucrative opportunity for those with a little too much living space, and not enough money.

But understandably, many people feel a little overwhelmed when thinking about decorating a room designed to be used for profit. One of the best courses of action is to follow the trends and, for the last few years, farmhouse-style interior design plans have been popular. Due to their handcrafted appearance, and the general warm and homey feel provided by these pieces of furniture, rustic designs are always a hit with Airbnb rooms.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the task of decorating your farmhouse-style Airbnb room, take this as an opportunity to express your creative side and tap into the trends of today. To help give you some inspiration and a bedroom you’ll be proud of, we’ve generated four tips you can’t forget when decorating your Airbnb room.

The headboard is a centerpiece of a room. If you want a rustic look for your Airbnb, you’re going to have to give special thought here.

Throw Pillows can really help set the theme of your room. It’s also a nice inexpensive way to change things up.

When designing an Airbnb, especially one with a farmhouse feel, you want to make it feel like home for your guests. From the tables to the beds, every detail and piece matters.

Signs, headboards, sheets — they all make a difference when it comes to your Airbnb home, especially if you want a farmhouse design. But don’t forget about those “minor” touches as well. Wire baskets are a perfect example.

Add a little uniqueness to your home with this fun DIY project.

Minimal decorations will absolutely bring out that “farmhouse-look” you desire in an Airbnb room. Finding the perfect signs is an amazing way to feel your guests at home.

Comforters are a great way to bring the room together.

Using bright colors on a painted dresser is a great way to add an accent and transform any room of the house.

A rustic design for an Airbnb is an amazing way to help your guests feel at home when they come to visit. Going the extra mile with the right decorations, like tables and nightstands, for instance, will bring them the comfort they need.

Did you know that a headboard can really be a statement piece in your farmhouse Airbnb? A wooden, rustic piece can make the difference for the entire home.

When designing an Airbnb room, you want to give special thought to the “theme.” Are you aiming for a rustic design? Giving thought to the details will make the difference.

The headboard is a crucial component to any bedroom, especially one designed to be used by paying guests. Our Ebony headboard is the talk of the Fusion Treasure Island Hotel.

Keep your guest happy with a good night’s sleep on Comfy Sheets. They just might the soft sheets out there.

Signs are an amazing way to present your Airbnb home to any guest. They can be welcoming and comforting. “Be our Guest,” for example, shows that you’re happy to have them

Don’t forget the details when designing your rustic Airbnb home! Flowers are an amazing way to add a touch of color to your beautiful room.

A handcrafted headboard screams practicality as well as sophistication. It’s the perfect option when you want to go for that rustic/farmhouse look in your Airbnb.

1.  It’s All in the Headboard

The headboard is a crucial component to any bedroom, especially one designed to be used by paying guests. Not only is it necessary for supporting the bed itself, but it can also be utilized for tying the entire room’s theme together. The headboard is also extremely important for preserving your walls. It protects them from holes and abrasions caused by the bed shifting, head stains, and oil spots from fingers. More than its practical purposes though, the headboard is so important for completing a room and making it feel like home. To put it bluntly, a room without a headboard looks naked and bland.

When designing a farmhouse-style bedroom, going for a wooden, rustic-looking headboard can really help drive your theme. Designs that utilize boards with unique differences, like the Farmhouse Mix headboard pictured above, can give the entire space a more practical and homely feel. Back on the real farm, nothing goes to waste, and a multi-colored, handcrafted headboard screams sophistication and practicality.

2.  Decorate Minimally

It might be tempting to go all-out with your creativity and design, but you still want to give your guests the opportunity to make the space their own. This is why the rustic approach is wonderful to utilize for your Airbnb room because it naturally utilizes a minimalist approach to decoration. Not only does minimal design help save you money in the long run, but it also gives the room a more open and peaceful feel.

While tabletop decor and bedside conveniences are wonderful to include when decorating your rustic Airbnb room, wall hangings are going to be your best friend to minimalist design. Designs painted on wood that include neutral colors and uplifting phrases, like the “Be Our Guest” wall hanging pictured above are great choices for bringing an entire room together while keeping the space as open as possible.

3.  Make it Feel Like Home

The most important thing when welcoming a guest into your Airbnb room is that they feel welcomed and at home. You want your clients to feel satisfied with their visit and comfortable while they’re staying in your home, and one awesome way to do this is by going the extra mile on the basics, like sheets and pillowcases.

Start by making sure that your sheets match the rest of the room’s decor in material and color, and then give your paying customers a better night’s sleep by splurging on their sheets. The Comphy Sheets pictured above have been proven to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer than traditional sheets. Neutral colors, like grey, white, and cream are perfect for completing the farmhouse feel.

4. Include Space for Clothes

While it might seem like a no-brainer, sometimes it’s easy to skip over the most basic components of a bedroom. Regardless of whether your guest will be staying in your rustic Airbnb room for one night or one week, create a designated space for them to store their clothing. The last thing you want is a guest frustrated with having nowhere to put their things.

Wooden dressers are going to be the best practical decor for your farmhouse theme, adding some character and storage space into the area. Including a dresser can also be an opportunity for integrating a pop of color in the area to bring some brightness and life into the room.

Final Thoughts

There is a reason rustic, farmhouse-style themes are so popular, especially amongst Airbnb users. The decor leaves a person feeling warm and cozy, like a home away from home, while also including modern amenities and everyday conveniences. Instead of viewing the interior design part of your Airbnb room as an overwhelming project, remember these five tips to keep it simple, practical, and enjoyable.