Rustic Headboard Trends for 2021

The biggest trends in rustic headboard decor right now involve the mixing and matching of different types of woods, stains, and materials. Here’s how to do it right with the rustic style.

They say variety is the spice of life — but don’t forget that it applies to furniture, too.

Innovative designers have always known how to effectively use unique materials to create a pleasing decor. At Barn Walls, we subscribe to the notion — most of the time — that less is more and that natural materials used in distinctive ways are tremendously exciting.

Our rustic headboards illustrate our point. We combine various wood species, unique graining, colorful stains, natural finishes, and different textures into incredibly distinctive pieces. For 2021, perhaps because 2020 was such a tumultuous year, we favor understated colors and design, recalling times when life seemed easier, and the lifestyle was simpler.

That doesn’t mean, however, that your home must be entirely devoid of color. It does allow you to choose the colors and personal accessories that speak to you! We take great pleasure in creating beauty out of found objects and, although we don’t favor clutter, we appreciate whimsy as much as we love simplicity. We view our homes as havens of individuality and comforting retreats from the outside world.

We encourage you to follow your heart.

Greenery can help freshen the air in your bathrooms and kitchen as well, and the contrast of live greenery with rustic wood is a design principle that will always be in style.

Our Antique White headboard works well with any color theme.

Inspired from our 2019 Custom Headboard Contest winner, this side table adds a unique touch to any room.

Put your ingenuity and creativity on display by creating this DIY table centerpieces with a variety of smooth pebbles or seashells used in tandem with weathered boards and unmatched candlesticks.

One of our favorite rustic headboards looks for 2021 adds spice to the design by interspersing red cayenne boards with restrained pale and whitewashed woods.

Spread rustic design throughout the home. It’s too good to reserve for bedrooms.

This wall-hung spice rack that matches clear canning jars with a well-used metal shelf is a wonderful find.

Functional can be fun. Bathroom robe or towel hooks don’t have to match the rest of the hardware or the faucets.

Signs and sayings are personal! Proclaim what you believe loud and clear. If you truly believe the messages you put on your walls, others will too!

Create your own storage containers and vases with cast-off metal containers, old metal pitchers, kitchen implements, wooden boxes, and trays, or rusting cans of varied shapes and sizes.

Rustic Mix Headboard by Barn Walls

As an alternative, select your rustic headboard in a simple mix of grey, white, golden, and brown tones to anchor the bed and contribute a distinctively calming ambiance to the room.

The versatility of these basket works in any room.

Think contrast, and use it to your advantage.

Wood has never lost its appeal for the home. Today, with a greater emphasis on sustainability and preservation of natural resources, rustic distressed and reclaimed wood products are hot on the home scene. You’ll see them used for ceilings and flooring, for cabinets and interior trim, and especially for furniture and accessories.

Rustic decor calls to mind a simpler lifestyle, so choosing vintage elements to complement your rustic headboard is a natural option. We suggest adding spice to your rustic decor by using distinctive accessories. They don’t have to be wood: Think ceramic, painted metal, antique brass, knitted throws, and patchwork pillows. However, don’t hesitate to add a piece of modern art or a satin coverlet if you wish. It’s the variety that will keep your home decor fresh and alive. Barn Walls is your source for unique products, like these rustic candles combined with weathered tree branches in a modern glass vase.

The rustic design add a richness to any room decor that recalls the past and looks to the future. It’s a serene, comfortable, family-friendly choice that allows you to move in any other direction you choose to complete your decor.

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