Desk Organization Ideas

As the famous saying goes, “A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind.”

It’s Time to Organize Your Workspace!

Ready for some actionable desk organization ideas? Have you ever sat down at your workspace, ready to be productive only to find yourself frustrated within 10 minutes because you can’t find anything you need?

What does the word “clutter” suggest? A mess? Chaos? Confusion? Disorder? Yes – and all those things are bad! It may be impossible to be completely clutter-free, but who doesn’t want less mess, chaos, confusion, and disorder in their lives?

That’s why it’s time to organize your workspace.

Rustic Metal Wall Bin

Our rustic metal wall bin, designed to be wall-mounted, is perfect for ridding your desk of paperwork.

Farmhouse Desk

The soft blues and grays of this farmhouse mix desk contrast beautifully with its steel legs.

DIY Acrylic Wall Calendar

This modern DIY wall calendar means you’ll never miss another appointment.

Spice Rack

This wall-mounted rack looks adorable anywhere and has jars perfect for holding clips, rubber bands, and tacks.

Wall Clock

Always be on time with this stylish wall clock you can read at a glance from anywhere in the room.

Blueberry Baskets

Don’t have blueberries? Get the single version of this basket for writing utensils, scissors, etc. If you do have blueberries, get the double version!

Walnut Desk

Our walnut desk’s wood plank construction and walnut stain offer a rustic charm that works beautifully in any interior.

Make Your Own Secret Storage Chair

An easy DIY project to add a secret storage compartment to any straight back chair.

Serenity Desk

The Serenity Desk’s blue-greens are perfect for a pop of color that’s not overwhelming.

Cafe Pantry Shelves

Clear your desk with these shelves. The narrow profile means nothing gets hidden, and the raised lip means nothing accidentally slips off.

Menu Board

Not just for menus! Hang this chalkboard by your desk for notes, reminders, and important thoughts.

Galvanized Organizer

It’s not easy to organize oddball items that don’t quite fit anywhere – until now. This organizer has three partitions for sorting.

A Place for Everything

You’ve heard it: “A place for everything and everything in its place.” The first step to organizing is making sure you have a place for, well … everything. Know where it goes, put it away when you’re done with it, and you can stay on top of clutter throughout the day.

Paper is easy to stack, so workspaces often have piles of paperwork everywhere. You can avoid that clutter with some fashionable, functional organizing tools, like this rustic metal wall bin.

And for your non-paperwork organizational needs, consider this spice rack (good for more than just spices!), these blueberry baskets (good for more than just blueberries!), café pantry shelves, and this galvanized organizer.

Choose Furniture Wisely

When you have drawers, you fill them – mostly with stuff you don’t need, which contributes to the clutter in your life.

Try switching up your furniture choices. This farmhouse desk and this walnut desk offer sleek, minimalist form factors that look good anywhere and help you avoid clutter. If you don’t like gray or walnut, try the Serenity Desk. It’s equally minimalist but offers a pop of color to brighten up your workspace.

Be Creative

Yes, you want to be organized – but you don’t want to be boring! Instead of relying on your phone’s calendar to keep up with meetings, phone calls, birthdays, and soccer games, try this DIY Acrylic Wall Calendar. It’s a fun project to exercise your creative side and looks great on any wall.

And when you have your appointments on your wall, it’s time to make sure you don’t miss them. This wall clock has big numbers so you can read it from anywhere, and its chalkboard-like finish matches any décor.

Have Fun!

More proof organization doesn’t have to be boring: a make-your-own secret storage chair. This fun project will make you smile every time you sit down.

And for sudden, brilliant ideas, consider this menu board – it’s not just for menus! Hang this chalkboard by your desk and make your notes, reminders, and important thoughts (like what’s for dinner) fun with colored chalk.

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