Inspired by Fall Foliage: Neutral Fall Décor

We’re obsessed with farmhouse fall décor. Browse our collection and we bet you will be, too!

Neutral Fall Décor: Bring the Outdoors In

Though fall is brief in Arizona (where Barn Walls calls home), it’s one of our favorite seasons. As the weather cools, we’re spending tons of time outside enjoying this time of transition. While we love the beautiful colors of the changing leaves, they can be a bit overwhelming if you try to incorporate those colors into your space. That’s why we’re obsessed with neutral fall décor.

Our color palette combines subtle warm tones with elegant metallics. And don’t worry, we still evoke the drama of changing leaves with pops of our favorite fall statement colors. Our palette includes warm reds (cardinal and burgundy), shades of orange and yellow (dark goldenrod), browns, bronzes, creams, gold and a little black.

For us, neutral fall décor is all about subtlety, but it isn’t fall without leaves. Our collection includes awesome ideas for decorating with leaves in expected and surprising ways. We’re already dreaming of yummy potlucks, surrounded by friends and family. Let’s get started with our inspiration board.

You can make roses with fall leaves, put them in a vase

Who doesn’t like a DIY project? You can make roses with fall leaves, put them in a vase and set it on a bedside table.

Orange and Grey Pillows - A Subtle Nod to Fall Decor

We love these pillows for their graphic designs. Grey and white balance out a pop of burnt orange. Get them on Etsy.

Pair Antique White with Fall Colors

Our Antique White headboard (available in hanging or leaner style) is a beautiful and versatile headboard that pairs nicely with many color themes. Especially the fall color theme.

Gentle Reminders

We could all use some gentle reminders to pause and be grateful. This is a quaint wall hanging with a warm wood frame and utilizing chalk art which is still very popular and versatile.

Dress up your home with this this super cute and fun sign to dress up your space.

Statement Piece

This headboard is our Fall mix. All of our headboards are available in the leaner and hanger style. The Fall mix headboard is awesome for including most of the warm, muted colors of fall and works as a great statement piece for your bedroom.

Let's stamp some pillowcases!

Let’s stamp some pillowcases and make one of a kind throw pillows for any room in your house. You can collect leaves to use for your stamp.

A Fall Wreath to Compliment Your Farmhouse Fall Decor

This wreath is a perfect way to celebrate the season is to add a bit of farmhouse fall decor to your home.

Wow, the beautiful, deep, warm and industrial feel of this Ebony headboard

Wow, the beautiful, deep, warm and industrial feel of this Ebony headboard is very rich and modern. You can dress this headboard up or down based on your decor theme.

Traditional feel of a check patterned fabric!

Love the traditional feel of a check patterned fabric! Especially when it is a large black and natural check bed cover. You can create many different feels: country chic, modern and vintage, depending on the decor you pair with it.

Nothing screams fall louder than acorns.

Nothing screams fall louder than acorns. Children and adults can make these DIY acorns. You will be amazed how great Easter eggs, paint, jute, twigs and pinecone pieces can look super fabulous in a glass jar or bowl.

Rich and warm burnt orange pillow.

The right wine rack, accents, and colors can make all the difference for your home.

Hand dipped Chair

This hand dipped chair is a great way to repurpose a chair. You can easily change the color of the chair by spray painting and then, using a contrasting color, dip the legs of the chair. Very classy and a modern/chic way to freshen a chair.

Decorative Velvet Pillow

You can use a striking pillow cover like this one to change the look of your room very quickly. It is very eye catching and can be a conversation starter.

Rustic Mix Headboard by Barn Walls

We love the Rustic mix for this headboard. It is neutral and can go with many color themes.

DIY Blessed Pumpkins

Here is an easy way to remind ourselves of the fall season and to be grateful and thankful. You can use real or faux pumpkins and distress them.

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Let Your Headboard Lead the Way

Though most of our colors and mixes will work in neutral fall décor-inspired bedrooms, we’ve picked a few that work exceptionally well with this collection: Fall Mix (a mix of muted and bright colors), Antique White (vintage and soft), Ebony (soft black color) and Rustic Mix (soft muted colors). All of these are available in both the hanging and leaner styles. If your farmhouse fall décor is as transitional as the season, consider our leaner style headboard. It’s easy to swap out when you’re ready to change up your bedroom.

Be Soft and Strong

We love pillows as accents—they unify a space, add a cozy element and are easy to change when you’re ready for a new look. Our fall collection includes lots of embellishments that are easy DIY projects. It features a light-colored pillow stamped using real fall leaves! It’s a modern and rustic motif for the trendsetters. Get project instructions here.

If your style leans towards a mid-century flair, you’ll want on of these burnt orange pillow with a graphic patterns. It’s a fabulous retro shade that adds a beautiful pop of color. Get it on Etsy.

All of the pillows in our neutral fall décor collection work nicely together, but can also stand firmly as an accent piece on their own.

Accessories Complete Me

All of the pieces shown in our farmhouse fall décor collection are beautiful, warm and on trend, especially the accessories we’ve chosen to complete the look. We really love creating our own accessories; they’re affordable and unique. Here are our favorites from this collection:

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