Helping Feels Good

Designing a headboard isn’t just for decorative motives, it also implies a passion for rest, health and well-being.

Designing a headboard isn’t just for decorative motives, it also implies a passion for rest, health and well-being. During our journey, we have found that there are plenty of ways in which we can directly help people in need, that’s why Barn Walls has teamed up with Ronald McDonalds House Charities Philadelphia Region in order to bring joy to children and families.

This charitable collaboration represents to us the possibility of making a difference while doing what we do best. As a result, Barn Walls, in collaboration with RMHC, has created the Ronald McDonald House Charities Philadelphia Region Mix (RMHCPRM) headboard in which every 10% of the total sales will be donated to the Ronald McDonalds House Charities Philadelphia Region. This charity program focuses on providing temporary lodging, transportation, meals and social services to families who travel to Philadelphia for medical services and pediatric care towards seriously ill children. 

It becomes clear for us that this collaboration isn’t about integrating new colors to our headboard pieces, or giving a new name (a very long one) to them! This project has, as its essence, the consciousness of prioritizing the beauty of keeping families close, especially for those who are going through a difficult time.

This experience has proven that helping others is a never-ending source of happiness and altruism. Offering a helping hand to families in need also means offering a helping hand to oneself. By embracing this collaboration, we amplify our creative possibilities while opening opportunities of life and well-being to children and families in need, as well as providing support to the volunteers and RMHC Philly staff.

There is great satisfaction in knowing that our products can be re-signified as elements of generosity, health and possibility. It is partnerships like this one that empowers families with the chance of overcoming difficult times, all of this within a sense of support, community and love. The creation of the RMHCPRM headboard symbolizes a great honor in our mission, it is a reminder that insisting on working from our trench is what can make a difference in someone else’s life forever.

You can also be part of this great satisfaction! Get your headboard here.

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